Team Leadership


Board of Directors


Carlos Costa

Meet Carlos Costa an avid dragon boat paddler and coach since 2008. In 2018, he and his wife, Rachel, had a vision to start new dragon boat club in Rhode Island, Century Dragon Boat Club. 

Carlos continues to improve on his paddling skills and coaching technique to help other members be the best they can be. Throughout the years he has paddled every part of the dragon boat. He has raced as a Drummer, Pacer, Engine Room, Rocket and now as a Steersman. 

Carlos’ enthusiasm for dragon boat shows when he volunteers his time to help coach and steer the community teams that participate in the Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival in Pawtucket, RI and while meeting new and existing members at practice. His wife will usually have to come to their rescue, as he will continue to talk about dragon boat racing for hours.

Vice President

Rachel Schiefen

Rachel has always loved the water as she lives on a lake with her husband Carlos.

She joined dragon boat in 2009 while originally searching for a rowing team.  You will find her seated in row 4 where she has been for over 15 years as pacer of the engine room. 

If she is not dragon boating you will find her at a brewery or enjoying her pontoon boat or maybe even floating in her lake in northern Johnston.


Colleen Cranshaw

Colleen has been dragon boat racing since 2017 and has been with Century Dragon Boat Club since its inception.  Her accounting background and CPA license made it easy for her to take on the responsibilities of Treasurer.  

During her tenure as Treasurer, some notable accomplishments have been turning the club into a 501(C)3 organization, creating and sustaining all social media accounts, creating and managing the Social Activities Committee, and actively promoting the Team via social media and various news outlets.  

In her spare time, Colleen is a wife, mom of 2 and tries to stay as active as possible.  


Lyn Cleary

Lyn has been an avid dragon boat racer for 15 years (in between semi-pro soccer-related injuries). She participated in the Pawtucket Taiwanese Dragonboat Festival with Carlos in 2008 with a rag-a-tag team and got bit hard by the racing bug.

When not racing and helping to organize CDBC, Lyn enjoys sailing, hiking, biking, gardening, and traveling internationally with her son. For fun,  she is also an instructor for the Special Olympics Leadership University but professionally Lyn works for a large international Management Consulting firm as an Agile Project Management Coach and Facilitator. Her favorite movie is Miss Congeniality.  It's a really corny movie, but Sandra Bullock is such a crack-up!