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The Century Dragon Boat Club is a Rhode Island based club founded in 2018. The club is comprised of experienced and novice paddlers who share the common goal to race competitively. The club is committed to promote this great and historic sport in the State of Rhode Island while encouraging physical fitness and camaraderie. All members of the community are welcome and encouraged to join us.

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Team meeting Springfield 2021

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Century Dragon Boat Club is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that depends on member dues, fundraising, and private donations. Club funds are used to maintain the club, i.e., purchase liability insurance, club PFDs (personal floating device), club paddles, jerseys, etc…

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Racing Season

Our official racing season runs from May through October. During racing season, club members practice weekly to build endurance, strength and timing. The club members participate in multiple events throughout the east coast and beyond.

Pool practice

off season

The off-season is spent at an indoor pool facility paddling along the pool edge. Pool practice is where timing and technique are enforced, making it a great time for new members to join and learn the sport.

Team dinner end of 2021 practice season

team buidling

Team outings are organized throughout the year to encourage team bonding and keep team members engaged. Come and be a part of our team!